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How do you get help with your scripting problems? Start with the World Wide Web and e-mail!


Browse ScriptWeb! Read the AppleScript FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to see if your question has already been answered many times before. Search the Web or ftp archives of the various mailing lists to see if it has been answered recently. Check out the lists of scriptable apps and utilities to see if one will accomplish the task at hand.


When you do ask a question, make it brief and to the point. If possible, include a short, simple example script, a clear description of what went wrong, and exact error messages. Mailing lists are a valuable resource because many experts volunteer some of their time to contribute. If there is too much "noise", they will disappear.

Scriptable App Developer

If you are trying to script a specific application, send e-mail to the developer. Most do not provide adequate support for script writers, but if no one ever asks for support, they won't know that it is needed. You can CC: your message to the appropriate mailing list, where you may or may not get a faster or better response.

Scripting Utility Developer

Many companies who make scripting tools are very active on the Internet. However, even if they regularly contribute to one or more mailing lists, don't assume that they will see a public message right away. Mailings lists often are lower priority than other tasks. If you want a reply from the company, send them a copy of the message.

Mailing Lists

Here are a few tips that may not covered in the information for the various mailing lists. First, note that the list server (for subscribing) and the list itself (for discussion) have different addresses. Please don't send subscribe, unsubscribe or other maintenance messages to the discussion list! If you have lost the address for list maintenance, look it up on ScriptWeb!

Most lists are available as a "digest", which packs each day's messages into one or more long messages. It is more difficult to sort and review information in digests, but may be easier than dealing with dozens of messages every day. Unfortunately, many digests (such as MACSCRPT) are not sent in MIME format, so you have to put up with strange formatting for certain special characters.

Some lists require you to set the digest option after subscribing, e.g.

(There is no "i" in MACSCRPT, that is not a typo.)

Other lists require that you subscribe specifically to the digest. If you have already subscribed to the main list, you will want to unsubscribe -- though perhaps waiting until you receive the first digest.


Now that Frontier (Aretha) is free, UserLand has recruited some support volunteers.

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