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This page covers products useful with both AppleScript & Frontier. We maintain a separate page for AppleScript Utilities. Tools specific to Frontier can be found on the Aretha site.

Script writers: send us information on your favorite utility. Developers: send us the details on your cool products (and maybe an evaluation copy).

Standard caveats: inclusion in this list is not an endorsement; we take no responsibility for errors or omissions.


PreFab Player

I'm leading off with our product in case people wander directly here from the outside, or (gasp!) archive the information on their hard drive. Lots of details on this web site!

PreFab Player(tm) is a faceless background application (similar to a system extension) that lets your scripts query and control otherwise non-scriptable applications, desk accessories and control panels. Player adds verbs to Frontier and AppleScript that directly manipulate the Macintosh user interface, choosing from menus & pop-ups, selecting radio buttons, typing text, etc. Scripts can call Player's query verbs to determine the name of the frontmost window, the state of a checkbox, or even the text of an error message. Player includes special balloon help to identify user interface objects, complete documentation for the script writer, free technical support by e-mail and FAX, and a 60-day MBG. Player retails for $95, and includes a single license for Player Runtime.

Player Runtime(tm) is an inexpensive utility for running scripts created with Player: $25 for one, $20 each for 10 or more.

From: PreFab Software, Inc. (
Address: 420A Main Street, Acton, MA 01720
Tel: 508-266-2885, Voicemail: 508-266-2872
FAX: 508-266-2875
CIS: 70214,424


FaceSpan ($199) is a visual Rapid Application Designer (RAD) whose interactive, object-oriented tools let you deliver applications with the full power of the Macintosh interface coupled with the object-oriented power of AppleScript or any OSA language. FaceSpan permits MIS professionals, integrators, consultants, programmers, and power users to construct, save, and run stand-alone applications, component-based mini-applications, and application prototypes with compelling and user-friendly graphic interfaces. Applications created with FaceSpan may be distributed royalty-free.

FaceSpan 2.0 is a substantial upgrade to version 1.0 which is currently bundled with Apple's AppleScript Kits. Version additions and enhancements include a table object, OSA support, extensive drag and drop support, scripting addition embedding, third party script editor support, increased performance, and a storage facility for non-window specific information.

From: Software Designs Unlimited Inc. (
Address: 1829 East Franklin St #1020, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-5861
Tel: 800-322-3772, 214-578-6700
FAX: 919-968-4576

OSA Menu

This cool utility adds an iconic menu just to the left of the help menu. To add scripts to the menu, just place them in either a Universal folder or application-specific folders. Best of all, it's free!

Version 1.02 adds preferences and support for scripts that call PreFab Player's "do menu" verb.

From: Leonard Rosenthal (
FTP: or
AOL: MACgician

General Purpose


HyperCard supports any OSA language (including AppleScript and Frontier's UserTalk). It's a user interface builder (of sorts), with persistent storage of data. From: Apple Computer, Inc.

Message Window

Message Window is a small, scriptable application which provides a convenient place to post text messages while scripts are running, without having to deal with modal dialogs. From: Acme Technologies (

Telecomm, Networks


A hot new product for scripting the internet. Marionet is the first complete, script-level interface to the Internet. It gives developers and power users the ability to build custom Internet solutions using popular authoring tools or productivity applications. From: Allegiant Technologies, Inc. (
Address: 9740 Scranton Road, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 619-587-0500

TCP/IP Scripting Addition

Gives direct access to TCP/IP, e.g. to "put" or "get" via ftp, send mail, etc. without any other app. $49 ??? From: Atul Butte (
Address: P.O. Box 1057, Brookline, MA 02146-9998
Tel: 617-327-8663

Internet Config Access

scriptable access to the Internet Config database (Modula-2 source included) From: Lawrence D'Oliveiro (

Small Personal Catalog Suite (AOCE)

Lets you add records and attributes to an AOCE personal catalog. From: Martin Simoneau (


Notify! ($149 personal edition) supports tone, numeric and alphanumeric pagers. From: Ex Machina, Inc.
Address: 45 East 89th Street, #39-A, New York, NY 10128-1232
Tel: 718-965-0309


PageNOW! ($79.95 SRP) is a new software product that sends personal messages from any Macintosh to alphanumeric pagers or Newton PDAs with MessageCard. Scriptable and Recordable. From: Mark/Space Softworks (
Address: 111 West Saint John, 2nd Floor, San Jose, CA 95113
Tel: 408-293-7299
FAX: 408-293-7298
CIS: 73244,3333

ARA Commander

Script Apple Remote Access ($30 shareware?) From: Trilobyte (
Web: any Info-Mac site, e.g.


Spellswell 7

Spellswell 7 ($74.95) adds spell checking to any application that supports the Word Services Suite (e.g. Eudora). From: Working Software, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 1844, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Tel: 800-229-9675, 408-423-5696



FileFlex ($119) provides you with the ability to embed a complete relational database engine within your projects. FileFlex requires only 100K of RAM - allowing you to add relational database capabilities to your projects at virtually no cost in system resources. Handles up to 20 open files at once! Uses dBase file format so it's compatible with FoxPro, Access and dBase. FileFlex lets you index files by key fields and relate the indexes, gaining instant access to related information. (Originally designed for HyperCard, Director, etc. May take some work to use from Frontier. With AppleScript, the XCMD OSAX will have to be obtained and configured.) From: Component Software Corp.
Address: PO Box 201, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
Tel: 609-497-4501
FAX: 609-497-4008
CIS: 76004,2162


DataScript ($249) lets you exchange information with Oracle, Cybase, DAL, dtF or SequeLink database servers. (I assume this package works with Frontier, but have not asked.) From: General Knowledge (
Address: Chalwyn Industrial Estate, Poole, Dorset BH15 3PF, England
Tel: +44 202 746026
FAX: +44 202 715600

Enhance specific apps

System 7 Pack

System 7 Pack ($129 single developer license) adds AppleEvent support to 4th Dimension. Using the external commands, you can send AppleEvents, execute scripts in Frontier or AppleScript, launch other applications, and have your 4D application respond to AppleEvents.

System 7 Pack for Excel (S7PX) allows Excel macros to send AppleEvents, execute scripts in Frontier or AppleScript, and launch other applications.

From: ISIS International (
Tel: 818-788-4747
FAX: 818-501-0653
AOL: MikeC20

ScriptMaster XT

Makes QuarkXPress recordable!!! From: Street Logic Software (
Address: 11895 River Rim Road, San Diego, CA 92126-1150
Tel: 619-689-4037
FAX: 619-586-7875

Developer Tools


Compiles and decompiles OSA scripts. Jon says "I use it to build applications which include AppleScripts as part of the shipping product. It includes scripts to build from MPW or AppleScript scripts. " From: Jon Pugh (



Launches a script (or any application) after your Macintosh has been idle for a specified amount of time. From: St. Clair Software (

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