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Scripting the Net

This page is experimental. It probably won't contain anything that doesn't also fit on one of the other pages on this site -- but I wanted to see if it was useful to provide a cross reference. Feedback welcome!

Mailing Lists

Utilities, Helper Apps

This short list is merely an overview. Check out Scripting Utilities and Scriptable Apps for details. Am I missing any key pieces?

Apple Event Suite Documentation

Thanks to Bill Cheeseman for collecting these links.

Embedding scripts in Web pages

The Web already lets the server run "cgi" scripts. Here are two ways for scripts embedded in a Web page to be run on the client machine -- i.e. your machine if you are visiting a Web site. Of course, that opens a major security hole; both packages address that to some extent.

Automated Web Publishing

Document Conversion

Cool Tools

Web Servers

In general, I'll leave the server side of Scripting the Net to others. (Is there a comprehensive page I can point to? If not, I'll keep adding here anything relevant that is sent to me or that I stumble across.) Be sure to see the "AppleScript CGI" and "Frontier CGI" links on the main ScriptWeb page.

Other Internet Server Software

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