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Installing AppleScript


AppleScript requires System 7, 4 Mb of RAM and a 68020 or higher processor.

Obtaining AppleScript

AppleScript ships with System 7.5. Several books and third-party products come bundled with AppleScript, e.g. the Tao of AppleScript. The AppleScript Software Development Kit is available on CD or via anomynous FTP. You can also just download AppleScript.


The AppleScript FAQ [broken link] is a good starting point for learning AppleScript. Language at a Glance is a HyperCard stack for AppleScript commands and objects. Danny Goodman wrote a AppleScript Quick Reference Apple Guide. AppleScript also comes with a number of useful sample scripts.

Several books about AppleScript are available, and the Acrobat versions of the AppleScript Language Guide and Finder Scripting Guide can be downloaded from The ScriptWeb Scripting Additions database [broken link] is a good place to find information about third-party scripting additions.


AppleScript consists of the following components:
System Folder
Extensions Folder
AppleScriptLib (PowerMac only)
ObjectSupportLib (PowerMac only)
Finder Scripting Extension
Scripting Additions Folder [the following links are broken]
choose file
choose folder (1)
current date
choose application
display dialog
info for
list disks
list folder
path to
load script
monitor depth
max monitor depth
set monitor depth
min monitor depth
new file
random number
open for access
close access
get eof
set eof
run script
set volume
store script
ASCII character
ASCII number
time to GMT
Dialects Folder
English Dialect (French and Japanese Dialects are available)
AppleScript Utilities
Script Editor
Scriptable Text Editor
Users of System 7.0.x also have to install QuickTime (because of the Component Manager). Download the Scriptable Finder if you are using System 7.0.x or System 7.1.
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