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Good news! The number of scripting links is growing. Alas, that and a busy schedule mean that we can no longer afford the time to ensure this page has every known scripting link.

Brent Simmons of Worldwide Power & Light has stepped in to fill the gap, with a searchable Scripting Links Database that contains every ScriptWeb link and many more. If you find one that isn't listed, you can submit it directly. If you would also like it to appear here, send e-mail to No guarantees, but we do our best.

We are leaving this page in place since other sites point to it, and because it presents the information in a different format than the search engine. As always, the most important scripting links appear on the main ScriptWeb page (which is mirrored on this site with the outline fully expanded), either at the top level or in one of the subject pages. They are not repeated here.

World Wide Web

This section includes file archives (FTP sites), since they are accessible to the Web.



UserLand Frontier


Here's a new section: links that relate to a specific application. (Also, don't forget the Scripting Consultants page.) QuarkXPress

Developer Information

Who's Who

Key people who have their own web page. (Who am I missing?)


Although HyperCard is not an official part of ScriptWeb at the moment, here are a few good links:

Commercial Online Services



UserLand Frontier

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