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The ForeSight Inc. acquires worldwide rights to DataScript(tm)

Tokyo, Japan--April 5, 1996--The ForeSight Inc. (CEO: Noritaka Matsushita, Yokohama Japan, +81-45-224-4955) has acquired the DataScript(tm) product line from its original developer, General Knowledge (UK). DataScript(tm) allows access to several popular SQL databases from the MacOS Open Scripting Architecture (OSA). The ForeSight Inc. will be providing support for DataScript's several thousand registered users worldwide. Future upgrade plans and additions to the DataScript product line will be announced by the ForeSight Inc. shortly.

The DataScript product family currently consists of modules optimized for access to the following database engines:
Apple DAL

The ForeSight Inc. is currently developing DataScript for Personal Oracle7 and DataScript for ODBC. Both products are expected to be shipped worldwide by this summer.

Using DataScript, even Macintosh beginners will be able to transparently access SQL databases running on UNIX, Windows NT and many other operating systems from any OSA-compliant application, such as FileMaker Pro. Programmers and system engineers can benefit from DataScript by using FileMaker Pro, HyperCard or other flat-file databases and spreadsheet products as SQL database front ends, resulting in drastically reduced user interface development time and cost. Word processing products such as WordPerfect and DTP products like QuarkXPress can also be adapted to DataScript's collaboration environment.

DataScript supports Oracle and Sybase databases package as well as Informix, SQL Server, AS/400, DB2, Rdb, Ingres, P.INK SQL, etc. which can be accessed via middleware like SequeLink and DAL. Additionally, Butler (by Butler's own driver) and dtF (by direct access) are also supported, allowing solution providers to match users' demand for any SQL database package in the world market.

The ForeSight Inc. is the distributor of PreFab Player(tm) in Japan, as well as a leading provider of open scripting solutions on the Macintosh and Windows environments.

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The ForeSight, Inc. and DataScript are registered trademarks of The ForeSight, Inc. PreFab Player is a trademark of PreFab Software, Inc. All other brand names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders, and are hereby acknowledged.

(c) 1996 The ForeSight Inc.

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