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We have separate pages for Scripting Additions and general Scripting Utilities for both AppleScript & Frontier. You can find reviews for some of these products on the Articles page.

Script writers: send us information on your favorite utility. Developers: send us the details on your cool products (and maybe an evaluation copy).

Standard caveats: inclusion in this list is not an endorsement; we take no responsibility for errors or omissions.


Script Wizard

The first third-party script editor & debugger. ScriptWizard features a significantly enhanced editor which allows easy navigation of complex scripts through the inclusion of a "Locator" popup menu from which the user can instantly jump to any handler or property definition in their script. Other features, including a variable watcher, single-step debugger (in version 1.5), enhanced event logger and a vcr-style toolbar, speed and simplify script debugging and testing. From: Full Moon Software, Inc. (
Address: PO Box 862, MAIDENHEAD, Berks SL6 0QJ UK
Tel: 800-232-1560, UK: +44 1628 660242
FAX: UK: +44 1628 666084

Script Debugger

A script editor & debugger that is scriptable (!) & attachable (with a custom extensions menu). First (or maybe it was a tie) product to support true single-step debugging. Features drag & drop editing, a handlers pop-up menu, and numerous command-key shortcuts. Data window shows values of variables and expressions. Dictionary menu offers convenient access to your favorite apps; optionally merges all Scripting Additions into one Dictionary. Many unique features including debugger scripts (remembers breakpoints), template scripts (store script text, current selection, location of multiple windows, etc.), a visual Dictionary browser and the ability to debug an open handler with simple drag-and-drop. From: Late Night Software Inc. (
Address: 1571 Deep Cove Rd, N. Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Tel: 604-929-5578
FAX: 604-929-4961


A script editor & debugger that includes a unique point-and-click approach to building scripts for controlling any scriptable application (nice for the novice scripter or for learning the commands of a new app). Also featured: easy access to frequently-used scriptable applications, six-function search-and-replace capability, multiple drag-and-drop implementations, easy access to frequently-used scripts and handlers, and an experimentation area. Debugging tools include variable watching and control, expression evaluation, enhanced trace log, single-stepping with a high degree of control, and a unique facility for fixing errors during (!) debugging. From: Main Event (
Address: 1814 Belmont Rd, N.W., Washington, DC 20009
Tel: 202-298-9595, orders: 800-616-8320

Telecomm, Networks


Run on your machine scripts that are embedded in other people's web pages. A faster, more secure version of his earlier WebRunner package. From: Eric Iverson (



ScriptBase is a database for storing persistent objects and variable values, accessed through simple AppleScript commands from any script on the user's computer. These objects can be of any type, including numbers, character strings, lists, records, scripts, and references to disks, files, folders, as well as abstract raw data, among others. ScriptBase can be used to maintain system-wide settings, such as sets of preferences, paths to frequently-used files or folders. Complex installations of AppleScript scenarios can be made easier by organizing data and scripts within the database's structure. From: Main Event (
Address: 1814 Belmont Rd, N.W., Washington, DC 20009
Tel: 202-298-9595, orders: 800-616-8320

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