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Here's another format conversion script. This one demonstrates how to strip off a specific extension. (To strip any extension, the script could repeat from the last character down to the first looking for the first period from the end.)
-- example script for Player 1.1 & Photoshop 3
-- task: convert a folder full of PICT images to CMYK, save as TIFF, omit the ".pict" extension

-- note: the folder is hardcoded to a certain value; that's what the customer wanted!

-- set theFolder to choose folder
tell application "Finder" to set theDisk to (name of startup disk) & ":"
set theFolder to theDisk & "Movie.Books:Conversions"

tell application "Finder" to set listOfFiles to (get every document file of folder theFolder) as list
tell application "Adobe Photoshopª 3.0" to activate

repeat with theFile in listOfFiles
	tell application "Finder" to open theFile using application file id "8BIM"
	-- the above specifies Photoshop's creator code so that it can open non-Photoshop files
	tell application "PreFab Playerª"
		do menu menu item "CMYK" of menu "Mode" with repeat until successful
		do menu menu item "Save As" of menu "File" with repeat until successful
		set filename to item text of (get info dialog item 10) -- 10 is the id of the filename text box
		if filename ends with ".pict" then -- NOT case sensitive
			set filename to text 1 through ((length of filename) - 5) of filename
			type filename
		end if
		do menu popup item "TIFF" of popup "Format"
		type enter
		if exists button "Replace" then
			click button "Replace"
		end if
		click radio button "Macintosh"
		type enter
		do menu menu item "Close" of menu "File" with repeat until successful
	end tell
end repeat

on waitForPhotoshop()
	set PhotoshopInFront to false
	repeat while not PhotoshopInFront
		tell application "Finder"
			-- use "application" to be portable across machines (where the app may have a different name)
			-- need the name for "process" to work, get it from the path
			set PhotoshopInFront to (frontmost of process (name of (path to application "Adobe Photoshopª 3.0")))
		end tell
	end repeat
end waitForPhotoshop

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