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Scripting Breakthrough

Player 1.0: two years of satisfied customers

Player has been shipping since August '94, garnering wide praise within the scripting community. Many of our customers evaluated all the options for automating Photoshop and chose PreFab Player(tm) as the most reliable and flexible solution. Player is a general-purpose extension to AppleScript & Frontier, adding verbs to query and control the interface of anything on the Mac -- including Photoshop. (See the July '96 issue of MacUser, Desktop Media section, pp. 89-91.)

Player 1.1: Photoshop scripting breakthrough

Player 1.1 is the only product on the market that can control Photoshop dialog items by name. Because Photoshop is written in MacApp -- which doesn't call the MacOS Dialog Manager -- the "dialog items" that a user sees are invisible to products such as QuicKeys and Tempo, and even to the first release of Player. Until now, automating Photoshop required the use of XY coordinates. Player 1.0 was a reliable solution since it used coordinates relative to the frontmost dialog. Player 1.1 will greatly simplify script development since buttons, pop-up menus and other controls can be specified by name or ID number.

Direct access to Photoshop dialog objects opens up important new capabilities. A script can "check" or "uncheck" a checkbox rather than fumbling with clumsy workarounds to ensure that the value is correct before running the script. Player's extensive set of query verbs are now available for Photoshop. Scripts can be made smarter and more robust, e.g. verifying the existence of a button or executing a different sequence depending on the value of a checkbox.

AppleScript Example

-- batch convert a folder full of images to GIF
set theFolder to choose folder
tell application "Finder" to set listOfFiles to 
    (get every file of folder theFolder)
tell application "Adobe Photoshop(tm) 3.0" to activate

repeat with theFile in listOfFiles tell application "Finder" to open theFile tell application "PreFab Player(tm)" do menu menu item "Save As" of menu "File" do menu popup item "CompuServe GIF" of popup "Format" type {down arrow, ".GIF", enter} -- add suffix do menu menu item "Close" of menu "File" end tell end repeat

Frontier Example

<< batch convert a folder full of images to GIF
file.getFolderDialog("Select a folder:", theFolder)

fileloop (theFile in theFolder) with Player, keys chooseMenu("File", "Save As") choosePopup("Format", "CompuServe GIF") typeText(downArrow + ".GIF" + enter) << add suffix chooseMenu("File", "Close")

Not a script writer? Player works with other products.

Luminous OPEN: With OPEN's new support for AppleScript, Player can be one step in an OPEN pipeline. Contact Luminous or PreFab for details.

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