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Player and Photoshop 4

We believe that Player is the most flexible and reliable solution for automating Photoshop 3, and will continue to play a role with Photoshop 4 -- though a smaller one.

Adobe announced and demonstrated Photoshop 4 at Seybold Expo (September '96), to ship in November. One of the new features is an Actions palette. The following description is based on a brief look, plus followup discussion with others who saw a demo. (Feedback welcome!) It's included here on a "best efforts" basis; PreFab is not responsible for errors or omissions.

The user can click Record, type a name for the Action (macro), perform a series of operations, then click stop. Each Action appears in the palette, using a nice outline metaphor. Double-clicking on a step will bring up the appropriate dialog. Individual steps can be rearranged, deleted and copy/pasted between Actions. Actions can be assigned to one of the Function keys (with optional shift key), but NOT to cmd/opt/ctrl combinations thereof, or to any other keys. When an Action runs, it does not display the dialogs and therefore should run fine in the background. There is an option to display any of the dialogs and pause for user input.

An Action can be run on a folder of images. I don't know about an output folder, adding ".gif" or whatever, or what happens if a file with the new name already exists.

OSA Support: AppleScript & Frontier

Role for Player

Advantages of Photoshop 4 Actions

Advantages of Player & OSA Scripting

This document is preliminary; feedback welcome!

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