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Here is a rough start at a collection of Photoshop scripts, plus a brief note on Photoshop 4 (announced by Adobe at Seybold Expo in Sept. '96 to ship in Nov. '96) and the continuing role for Player.

Nearly all of these scripts were developed by customers, or as a direct response to specific customer requests. Many of the tasks would be difficult or impossible using alternative solutions for automating Photoshop. Here are some highlights.

Illustrator files to ColorSync TIFF original script written by Michael Cone «a href="">>

Goal: create high quality, color-matched, anti-aliased PICT files from 500 Illustrator files. The final output will be sent through the Media 100 video editor to tape.


NOTE: All of these scripts were written in AppleScript; counterparts in Frontier's UserTalk language do not yet exist. Please send e-mail if you have any trouble translating. We believe that Player's support for Frontier is as good as or better than that of any product on the market (details in the manual Appendix), and we plan to keep it that way.

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*Scripting Breakthrough
*Player and Photoshop 4
*Simple Example, Batch to GIF
*MacUser Example (for 1.1)
*Library Ex., Sharpen & JPEG
*Subroutines & parameters
*Save to Done Folder
*Set Maximum Height
*YCC for PhotoCD

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