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MacUser Example (for 1.1)

The following script works on the image currently open in Photoshop. Other examples demonstrate how to batch process an entire folder of images.
-- AppleScript Sample: use PreFab Player to automate Adobe Photoshop
-- written by Chuck Weger for MacUser (July 1996, "AppleScript for Artists")
-- revised by PreFab to use new features in Player 1.1

tell application "Adobe Photoshopª 3.0" to activate -- brings Photoshop to the front

tell application "PreFab Playerª"
	-- first, resize the image to half its original size (50%):
	do menu menu item "Image Size" of menu "Image"
	do menu popup item "percent" of popup 5 -- Width
	type "50" -- for 50%
	type enter -- hit the default "OK" button
	-- next, change the image to CMYK mode
	do menu menu item "CMYK Color" of menu "Mode" with repeat until successful
	-- now, use Photoshop's unsharp mask filter:
	do menu menu item "Unsharp Mask" of submenu "Sharpen" of menu "Filter" with repeat until successful
	-- settings for unsharp mask are amount: 140, radius: 1.5, and threshhold: 2
	type "140" & tab & "1.5" & tab & "2"
	type enter -- hit the default "OK" button
	-- finally, save the file:
	do menu menu item "Save" of menu "File" with repeat until successful
end tell -- we're done!

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