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Library Ex., Sharpen & JPEG

Here's a script that uses the Sample Photoshop Player library that is included with Player 1.1.
-- example script by PreFab Software, Inc. for Player 1.1, demonstrates use of a library
-- batch processes every image in a folder: unsharp mask, save as JPEG
-- July 1996, for Player 1.1b5

-- the Sample Photoshop Player library scripts are intended as examples, they are not a supported part of the product

local SamplePhotoshopPlayer -- don't want the library permanently stored in the script
set SamplePhotoshopPlayer to load script alias ((path to startup disk as string) & "Player Utils:Sample Photoshop Player")

set batchFolder to choose folder
-- or: set theFolder to "disk:folder:"

tell application "Finder"
	-- "document file" excludes aliases, apps, control panels, etc.
	set listOfFiles to (get every document file of folder batchFolder) as list
	-- could add something like: whose file type is not "TIFF"
end tell

tell SamplePhotoshopPlayer
	set firstImage to true -- save time by not changing settings which will stick 
	repeat with imageFile in listOfFiles
		if openImage(imageFile) then -- openImage returns false if the file didn't get opened into Photoshop
			unsharpMask(firstImage, 90, "", "") -- probably want to fill in Radius & threshold
			saveAsJPEG() -- in the same folder
			set firstImage to false
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

activate me
display dialog "Done processing folder!"

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