Cool Uses of Player

This section of our website is under construction as we investigate the best way to automatically publish formatted scripts. Any suggestions?

We have some cool customers doing great things with Player. Here's a rough start at organizing descriptions, scripts written by customers, and scripts we wrote based on customer requests or our own needs. Let us know if you have comments, questions or something to contribute!

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. . .*Scripting Breakthrough
. . .*Player and Photoshop 4
. . .*Simple Example, Batch to GIF
. . .*MacUser Example (for 1.1)
. . .*Library Ex., Sharpen & JPEG
. . .*Subroutines & parameters
. . .*Save to Done Folder
. . .*To CMYK TIFF, Omit .PICT
. . .*Set Maximum Height
. . .*YCC for PhotoCD

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