International Notes

Player is used all around the world. Here are a few notes for international customers.

Please share what you learn so that we can share it with others.

Balloon Help

As noted in the manual, the actual keystroke for balloon help is control-option-/. (Remember, control not command.) On the U.S. keyboard, the "/" and the "?" are on the same key, so it's easy to remember ctrl-opt-?. Other keyboards will be different. In most cases, you can just locate the "/" key -- it may require you to press shift. If you tell us what works on your keyboard, we'll add it to the web version of this document.

Here's what we have so far:

Controlling the Interface

When looking for a button or menu item by name, it almost certainly uses the literal text that you see -- in whatever language it appears.

Example scripts

If you are using U.S. versions of software, the example scripts for those applications should work fine. If you are using localized software, you will have to localize the example scripts. If you do spend the time to translate any scripts, please send them to us. We will make them available for downloading from our website.

Portable scripts

If you want your scripts to work independent of language, use the ID (for dialog items) or position number (for menus; be sure to count the dividing lines). We recommend that you include the item name as a comment so the script is easy to follow.

Localized documentation

Our Japanese distributor has localized the manual; this version is available only from Japan. We welcome inquiries from distributors in other countries who have the resources to do the same. We also welcome less formal efforts from customers, perhaps in exchange for future PreFab products.

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