Frontier Issues

There are a few tech support issues that are specific to Frontier. Here's what we have so far, please let us know if you have additional suggestions.

Tip PlayerExtras includes a nifty little script called recordToTable. You can use it for any Frontier record datatype; here's a Player example:

with Player
      infoRecord = getMenuInfo(1, 1)
   scratchpad.infoRecord = infoRecord     « save the record version for comparison
   PlayerExtras.recordToTable(infoRecord, @scratchpad.infoTable)

Style guide: nesting Remember that Player controls the frontmost application or Control Panel. Player doesn't care how that item came to the front, nor does the "with Player" block have to be nested in a "with application" block.

While you could say:

with SomeApplication
    with Player
        « do something

You can avoid one level of nesting -- and perhaps be somewhat more clear about who is doing what -- as follows:

SomeApplication.bringToFront()   « or sys.bringAppToFront(theApps4CharacterCreator)
with Player
    « do something

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