We are pleased to report that reviewers are giving Player high marks. (Also, be sure to see our new At the Shows & In the News page.)

MacFan (Japan)

MacFan weighs in with a 4 star rating in a detailed 2-page review. Their example showed Player controlling the Page Setup dialog, a glaring omission even in many scriptable applications. November 15, 1995 (p. 60-61)

MacPower (Japan)

MacPower gave Player a 5 in price:performance, concluding "PreFab Player is surely an indispensible item for AppleScript users." June 1995 (p. 166)

MacUser (Japan)

MacUser Japan rated Player 4 mice in an informative 2-page review. They wrote a test script controlling Photoshop, one of the biggest uses of Player throughout the world. December 1995 (p. 164-165)

MacUser (UK)

MacUser UK rated Player 4 mice. October 13, 1995

Mac Reviews Digest (posted on AOL)

Jeff Eaton gave Player 4.5 clicks in his Mac Reviews Digest, concluding "If you're using AppleScript to automate your workplace, [Player] is an essential resource. .... I can't imagine tackling an AppleScript project without it!" On America Online, use keyword AppleScript, posted July 5, 1995.

(All ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is best.)

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