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The 30-day trial version of Player is fully-functional, including complete html documentation. The "Read Me" information follows. Player is primarily used with AppleScript and Frontier, though can also be controlled from any language or environment that can send an arbitrary Apple event.

Please see the OS X caveat on the Player Page

Player Trial 1.5 (1315K) -- MacBinary

Player Trial 1.5 (1796K) -- BinHex

After running the installer and rebooting, you're all set: just launch your favorite script editor, check out the many example scripts and read the manual (!) -- well, at least the QuickStart section. You do NOT need to run the "unlock" until after you've purchased Player.

If you prefer PDF to HTML (and are using AppleScript), grab one of these too:

Player AppleScript User's Guide (333K) -- MacBinary

Player AppleScript User's Guide (459K) -- BinHex

Read Me (Trial Version)
version 1.5, April 1999

For installation notes, documentation and tech support info, open the "Documentation" folder then view "start-here.html" in your web browser.

PreFab Player and Player Runtime are commercial products. This trial version of Player, and your license to use it, will expire 30 days after being installed in the System Folder.

You may freely distribute the complete, unmodified "Installer" file to colleagues and friends, copy to file servers, and upload to bulletin-board systems, commercial online services or the Internet. Recognized non-profit Macintosh user groups (e.g. BMUG) may charge a nominal fee to distribute on physical media. All other organizations or individuals must obtain written or e-mail permission to bundle with any software or hardware product, or distribute on physical media.

PreFab Software, Inc.

PreFab Player ($139) includes balloon help, documentation, tech support by e-mail & FAX, 60-day MBG and one license for Player Runtime.

Additional licenses for Player Runtime are $25 for one, $20 each for 10 or more.

For e-mail delivery, we prefer that you order by e-mail. (You may leave your credit card number on our voicemail system.)

See the included Order Form for details.

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