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"If you script, you need this tool. It's that simple."
David Jokinen, Ground Zero Software

PreFab Player™ (for MacOS 9.x and below) is a faceless background application (similar to a system extension) that lets your scripts query and control otherwise non-scriptable applications, desk accessories and control panels. Player adds verbs to Frontier and AppleScript that directly manipulate the Macintosh user interface, choosing from menus & pop-ups, selecting radio buttons, typing text, etc. Scripts can call Player's query verbs to determine the name of the frontmost window, the state of a checkbox, or even the text of an error message. Player includes special balloon help to identify user interface objects, complete documentation for the script writer, free technical support by e-mail and FAX, and a 60-day MBG. Player retails for $139, and includes a single license for Player Runtime.

Player Runtime™ is an inexpensive utility for running scripts created with Player: $25 for one, $20 each for 10 or more.

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