Release Notes 1.2

February 1999

Version 1.2, shipping at the same time as 1.5, is a free maintenance release -- primarily for MacOS versions up thru 8.1. (Version 1.5 is a "features" release, with a new price and an upgrade charge.)

What's Fixed


Version 1.1 Release Notes

February 1997


New Features


Example Scripts

Player 1.1 AppleScript Summary

do menu menu item: choose from a pull-down menu
... [repeat until successful boolean] -- if "true", Player will repeat the command until it is successful (or until the user aborts with command-period)

set checkbox sequence: rapidly set a list of checkboxes in sequence
set checkbox sequence anything -- list of lists, using the form { {checkbox1, value}, {checkbox2, value}, ... } where the checkbox is either a name or ID number and value is 1 for "checked", 0 for "unchecked"

set dialog folder to: set the target folder for the next file open or save dialog
set dialog folder to alias -- path to a folder or a file

Player 1.1 UserTalk Summary

Player.chooseMenu(menu, item, holding: modifierKeys, repeatUntilSuccessful: true) Player.chooseHierMenu(menu, submenu, item, holding: modifierKeys, repeatUntilSuccessful: true)



Version 1.09 Release Notes

Player Runtime 1.09 is included with Luminous OPEN 1.1. We weren't quite finished with Player 1.1 by their deadline so we created a special version that included most of the 1.1 features. The free updater that converts prior versions of Player Runtime to 1.1 should work with 1.09.

Version 1.03 Release Notes (edited for version 1.1)

October 1995


New Features


Fixes for AppleScript

Fixes for Frontier's UserTalk

Release History

Versions 1.01 & 1.02 were distributed on a limited basis. Version 1.0 was released in Aug. '94

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