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Appendix 4, Technical Support

Player was developed by script writers for script writers. We are committed to providing top-notch technical support to help you create scripts to customize, automate and integrate your Macintosh.


Before contacting us, please double-check the manual, example scripts, Tech Support FAQ, Application Info and other documents included on disk. All files are provided as text or some other searchable format so you can easily locate a particular verb or topic. For the latest information, visit our web site, -- especially the Tech Support FAQ.

Supporting Script Writers

In our experience, the best way to support script writers is electronically. You can quickly, easily, and at your convenience explain the question or problem, include relevant portions of your script , and attach details of your system configuration. We can send back corrections, example scripts, and detailed instructions. There is no telephone tag, and no need to recite long scripts line by line.

Sometimes questions go beyond "support" into "consulting". When that happens, we generally recommend either the various scripting mailing lists or the searchable list of consultants, both listed on

Electronic Mail

To contact us directly, please send e-mail to

If you don't have electronic mail, we strongly encourage you to make the investment. It is an invaluable resource for script writers. A single tidbit of information can often save hours of time and frustration.

We recommend getting an account that includes access to the World Wide Web -- a wealth of information at your fingertips.


Although we find e-mail to be much more efficient, we will also provide support by FAX, at 978-692-1259. (The number is often busy; that's one of the drawbacks of FAX.)

U.S. Mail

Of course, we will also respond promptly to questions that are mailed to us -- from anywhere in the world.


We do not offer free support by telephone. If your need is particularly urgent, please send an e-mail or FAX with a short example script and clear description of the problem -- then call to ask if someone can review it soon.

In the future, we may offer paid telephone support.

Electronic Forums

There are many electronic resources for script writers, ranging from Internet mailing lists and news groups to CompuServe and AOL forums and special interest groups. The best of these have a real sense of community and an unofficial core group of experts who stop by to answer questions (and increase their own knowledge!).

You are likely to find Player owners on all of them at one time or another. We encourage you to join one or more of these forums, and post Player questions for community input. While you are likely to spot us in many forums occasionally, our participation is spotty. We are committed to excellent tech support so feel free to e-mail us a copy of your post.

For current information on scripting resources, visit That site includes pointers to web sites, searchable archives, ftp sites, mailing lists and more.

We welcome your feedback on our support policies.

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