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Player adds verbs that query and manipulate the user interface, giving your scripts access to otherwise non-scriptable applications, desk accessories and control panels on MacOS 9.x and below. Here you will find complete "pre-sale" information on Player and a free 30-day Trial version. For customers, we include the latest updaters, documentation, and a tech support section.

Player retails for $139, and includes a single license for Player Runtime. See the Order Form for details.

What about MacOS X?:

With version 10.2.3, OS X now includes the ability to control the user interface from AppleScript. (PreFab was not involved in this work.) The terminology and hierarchy for Apple's new GUI Scripting (System Events) is awkward, so we've announced the PreFab UI Browser to help scripters.

We're still selling and supporting Player for MacOS 9.x and below.

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It's true that many pages on this part of the site haven't been updated for ages ... all the action is now on our MacOS X products.

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